High quality
stone ground flour
from grain and pulses.

Here are the products that can be ground with BioStoneMill,
the professional stone mill.

The BioStoneMill professional stone mill allows the production of high quality food flours from grinding wheat,
corn and lots of other grain, pulses and pseudo-cereals.

Product Yes – No Rating
Almonds No Oily
Amaranth Yes Good
Barley Yes Good
Bean sprouts No Due to the consistency
Beans No Not yet tested
Brown millet Yes Excellent
Buckwheat Yes Excellent
Carob No Not yet tested
Chestnuts Yes Excellent
Chia No Not yet tested
Chickpeas Yes Excellent
Coconut No Not yet tested
Coffee No Aroma and color contamination
Corn Yes Excellent
Dried berries No Due to the consistency
Dried peas Yes Excellent
Dried sprouts No Due to the consistency
Fava beans No Not yet tested
Flax (flax seeds) No Oily
Hazelnuts, Pecan, etc. No Due to the consistency
Hemp seeds No Not yet tested
Kamut Yes Good
Lentils Yes Excellent
Lupine No Not yet tested
Millet Yes Excellent
Mustard (mustard seeds) No Oily
Oat Yes Good
Paprika No Not yet tested
Peanuts No Not yet tested
Pepper No Not yet tested
Poppy (poppy seeds) No Oily
Pumpkin (pumpkin seeds) No Oily
Quinoa Yes Good
Red hot chili peppers No Not yet tested
Rice Yes Excellent
Rye Yes Good
Salt No Due to the consistency
Seeds, grape seeds, pits No Due to the consistency
Sesame (sesame seeds) No Oily
Sorghum No Not yet tested
Soy No Oily
Spelt Yes Excellent
Spices (various spices) No Not yet tested
Sugar No Due to the consistency
Sunflower seeds No Oily
Teff No Not yet tested
Walnuts No Oily
Wheat Yes Excellent

BioStoneMill. Amount of flour processed per hour.

Up to 200 kg per hour
per grinding unit
BioStoneMill 700

Up to 500 kg per hour
per grinding unit
BioStoneMill 1500

A healthy grinding.

The heart of the stone mill is the millstone.
The size of the millstone is not decisive for the fineness of the flour.
However, the optimal combination of the millstone’s diameter and its speed, controlled by a three-phase motor, is fundamental.
The combination of rotation speed and gap between stones ensures perfect milling at low temperature to avoid damaging the gluten.

A modern technology
supporting an ancient technique.

  • A very accurate feeding to distribute the product to mill without flooding nor running out.
  • High precision mechanics to avoid stone vibrations.
  • Precise control of the distance between the stones to prevent rubbing and ensure uniform milling.

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