Stone flour grinding mills for Bakery-Cafés.


Making bread is cool! Making it in front of your customers is supercool!
Making it with flour milled on your premises with a BioStoneMill is Terrific!

This is how Bakery-Cafés originated and became successful: by making bread with exquisite skill, in full view of their customers, enabling them to savour the product’s goodness with their eyes even before they actually taste it.

Today, with BioStoneMill, the stone mill for making flours that conserve the natural properties of wheat and grain, for “integra in purezza” flours (containing germ, bran and various nutritional contents) and organic flours with the right nutritional levels, the cycle of the bread-making show is completed!

Making bread, rolls, loaves and breadsticks with choice quality home-milled flour, is a must!
BioStoneMill makes it possible. Terrific!

With BioStoneMill, every Bakery-Café owner can meet the constantly growing demand for superior quality bread products.
Especially, amongst the health-conscious.

In Bakery-Cafés bread is getting cooler and cooler!

BioStoneMill raises the social media profile of Bakery-Cafés and gourmet bread and foods.
People are bound to talk about the Bakery that mills its own flour and it will garner lots of likes!

With BioStoneMill, your Bakery-Café becomes unique!

The BioStoneMill professional stone grinding mill for milling wheat and grains is highly versatile and is able to mill small quantities of a wide variety of grains, rice and pulses into “integra in purezza” flours (containing germ, bran and various nutritional contents).

Give your Bakery-Café the added value of home-milled flour.
Make it the coolest in your area. You’ll see your business rise like your bread!

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