Flour Packaging Machines.

Your BioStoneMill mill produces stone-milled flour with very high added value.
Why not sell it directly to consumers?

To do this, you need a BioStoneMill, flour packaging machine, able to add the value of the informative, advertising packaging that your flour and your brand need.

This makes packaging into an additional marketing tool. And your business grows.

Packaging may be:

  • with operator: from 1 to 5 kg
  • completely automatic: from 1 to 5 kg
  • bagging from 10 kg to 50 kg in operator or fully automatic versions

To view the full range of packaging machines, visit the website:

BioStoneMill Packaging machines. The packaging that improves your business.

DA 20 BioStone Packaging Machine
for 1 and 5 kg,
in preformed paper bags
with stitched closure.

The packaging machine is fully automatic.

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