Rediscover the genuine taste
and nutritional value
of forgotten flours.

The stone grain mill that carries the values of the past to the future.

People have been milling grains with stones for thousands of years.


It is the oldest and still unsurpassed, method for the production of “integre in purezza” flours (containing germ, bran and various nutritional contents) of superior nutritional quality.

Today’s scientific discoveries have proven that stone-milled flour is full of flavour, rich and easy to digest.

With BioStoneMill the past is the finest of the present.

The BioStoneMill produces the flours of bygone days, the forgotten flours, by a totally hygienic process.

“Integre in purezza” flours (containing germ, bran and various nutritional contents), that have contributed to human nutrition for centuries, whose true values have been rediscovered today. All around the world.

Natural priorities demand a BioStoneMill.

The flours produced by stone milling in a BioStoneMill give all bakery products
(bread, biscuits or traditional items) a unique fragrance.

These flours combine the desire for a healthy diet with physical and mental wellbeing, made essential by today’s often chaotic lifestyles.

Organic, antique, unusual.

Milling in a BioStoneMill brings out all the qualities of organic grains, special grain crops and ancient grains.

This type of milling is able to conserve the nutritional and sensory qualities of the grain’s germ, fundamental for final products with high value added, in a direct transfer of quality from the field to the table, with no modifications.

As in times gone by, the grain is milled between two stone wheels.

In a BioStoneMill, the grains are milled by two wheels of very hard stone, one fixed stone underneath with another stone rotating on top of it, in a natural stone which is whitish in colour but sometimes has grey, blue, pink or yellow tints.

This stone’s main characteristic is that it does not crumble while the grain is being milled. Even after years of milling.

Slowness generates value.


Stone milling in a BioStoneMill is very slow.
This means that the product does not heat up.

Otherwise, the intrinsic characteristics of the grain of wheat could not be retained intact.

It is scientifically proven that high temperatures damage proteins and thus gluten, with adverse effects on subsequent dough production.

This explains why it can be said that the flours obtained by slow grinding in a BioStoneMill stone mill are “integre in purezza” flours (containing germ, bran and various nutritional contents), of remarkable quality and value.

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