Becoming a Miller
is an art and a job.
Make it profitable.

How to open a stone mill.


Becoming a Miller is an art and a job. The easiest way to have all the information about opening a stone mill to mill grains
and pulses is to get in touch, by filling out the form.

It is easy, safe and convenient with us because Paglierani and Ocrim, Biostonemill professional stone mill builders offer:
Efficiency, high productivity, and quality grinding. Plus, know-how and training.

Only one person

With BioStoneMill only one person is necessary to monitor and manage the entire facility.

Complete systems

BioStoneMill also offers complete systems of:

  • Cleaning
  • Sifting
  • Packaging

In only 25 m2

To install a BioStoneMill only 25 m2 are necessary. To optimize surfaces and logistics, ensuring spaces for maintenance and cleaning.

High quality flours

Gentle grinding for obtaining High Quality flours and rediscover the nutritional values and flavors of the past.

High efficiency

BioStoneMill is a machine with very low operating costs that ensures high quality products.

Ergonomics and Maintenance

BioStoneMill is highly ergonomic and easily accessible for a .manageable maintenance.

and know-how

The attention we put on the educational aspect dates back to 1965 with the first International School of Milling Technology at Ocrim in Cremona.

Grain consulting

We have a profound knowledge of grain.
In our supply chain there are:

  • Bonifiche Ferraresi, Italy’s biggest agricultural holding,
  • SIS Società Italiana Sementi company that produces selected seeds and exclusivist of the brand “Senatore Cappelli”, historic variety of durum wheat.

BioStoneMill is High Quality that pays off with the results it builds.

BioStoneMill. The smart investment for your Business.

For more information on costs and how to open a stone mill for grain and pulses, get in touch.

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