Stone flour mills for Traditional Bakeries.


Mill their own flour to make unusual delicacies of the highest quality.
Basically, this is what BioStoneMill enables traditional bakeries to do.

Of course, it can also produce flour for superior quality bread, pasta and biscuits, transforming a small traditional bakery into a business with exceptionally high added value.

So with the BioStoneMill stone flour mill, small bakeries, confectioners, flatbread fast-food outlets and producers can offer their customers truly unique products.

BioStoneMill mills every type of flour and meal:
wheat, durum wheat, rye, spelt, corn, barley, rice, oats, kamut and buckwheat, not to mention broad beans, lentils, chickpeas, spices, etc.

BioStoneMill the stone mill that lets you:

  • mill even small quantities of product in a totally separate system, without contamination in complete safety;
  • milling grain, pseudo cereals, pulses and rice to produce “integra in purezza” flours (containing germ, bran and various nutritional contents) where a percentage of bran can be separated;
  • have total control of the milling process and thus of the quality of the flours produced and used to make the finished product;
  • expand your business, making it even more professional, with the addition of a milling section to the production facility.

BioStoneMill. The secret to creating a new, modern, more efficient business. To achieve even higher standards and differentiate themselves from the competition, due to the quality offered.

Transform your small business to an industrial level.
With BioStoneMill, you will satisfy the continually growing demand for higher quality products.

BioStoneMill. The innovation that feeds your business.

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